Our In-house Butchery

Sausage fresh from the pot and smoker!

Our master butcher Andreas makes all of our sausage products in our in-house butchery. He and his team produce fresh Weißwurst sausages daily, with great attention to detail and joy for their profession. In addition to this delicious traditional sausage, they also make Wiener, Debrenizer, Wollwurst, and pork sausages, and Bavarian meatloaf. We obtain our meat exclusively from local farmers. Andreas and his team then process the meat further. They smoke, cure, prepare tripe, pickle, cook, and season! They add a unique flavor to their sausages and meats. On Spöckmeier’s lower floor, sauerbraten is pickled, pork knuckle is cured, and roast pork is robustly seasoned.

For “dahoam”!

Enjoy a Bavarian breakfast with our sausages at home. Order Weißwurst sausages from our service staff, and take them with you, conveniently shrink-wrapped.